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I have had the great pleasure of working with an incredibly diverse group of entrepreneurs and startup leaders. From the very early stages of getting product market fit, making their first hires, co-founder relationships and their initial fund raising processes to working through professional and personal challenges as their businesses scale. Below are just a few testimonials from the dozens of clients with whom I have developed a deep coaching relationship over the years.


Karen Young

CEO & Founder, Oui The People

"For years, Julia has been a trusted source of strength and energy when I need it most. It doesn't matter what time of day or night, I know she's there to help me think through tricky situations. Her thoughtful, empathetic, approach ensures I am confident in my decisions and able to take my business to the next level with her rooting for me on the sidelines."


David Benhaim

CTO and Co-Founder (Stealth - Generative AI)
Former CTO & Co-Founder, Markforged

"I am now working for the second time with Julia as the CTO of my new startup. Julia has created a safe and trusting space for me to develop both personally and professionally. I carry the lessons from our sessions together everywhere I go and feel more confident when handling complex situations. Because Julia understands first hand what it's like to be in a technical startup leader's shoes, we are able to take our conversations to the next level. The incites we have reached together during our sessions have been absolutely invaluable to me on my startup journey and in my personal life."


Sophia Dominguez

Head of AR Platform Partnerships at Snap, Former CEO & Co-Founder, SVRF

"Julia goes above and beyond as a coach. She thoughtfully gives you the tools that empower you to figure out how navigate through any career situation, cycle or path, covering everything from leading a startup to managing (and communicating!) up inside a corporate company. Julia helped pioneer the path for women to be in leadership positions, so she understands the ups and the downs of what it takes to be a successful PERSON in any workplace! This is just one of the elements of what makes working with her so special! I feel so lucky to be able to work with her as my coach and believe I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance and wisdom!


Stella Kim

Founder (Stealth)
Former CXO & Co-Founder, Mixlab

"Julia is my go-to coach when I am facing leadership challenges at my startup. She encourages me to think through possible outcomes and find my own solutions. I love her positivity and the perspective she brings to our conversations. I always finish a session with her feeling energized and prepared to take on the next set of challenges."


Seth Sivak

VP of Development, World of Warcraft
CEO & Co-Founder, Proletariat (Acquired by Activision Blizzard, 2022)

"In the time I have been working with Julia, I have benefited from her years of experience as a technology leader. She helps me see around corners and empowers me to focus on the leader I want to be. Our work together has allowed me to realize both my professional and personal goals."


Jennifer Gilbert

Founder & Executive Director, Housing Navigator Massachusetts

“Working with Julia was an early decision that deeply and positively affected both my own growth and the strength of the nonprofit I founded. Besides offering advice on technology and leadership from her long career, Julia has been an energetic sounding board who consistently encourages me to find a path forward that feels true to who I am and our organizational mission.”

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