I have had the great pleasure of working with an incredibly diverse group of entrepreneurs and startup leaders. From the very early stages of getting product market fit, making their first hires, co-founder relationships and their initial fund raising processes to working through professional and personal challenges as their businesses scale. Below are just a few testimonials from the dozens of clients with whom I have developed a deep coaching relationship over the years.



CEO & Co-Founder, Help Scout

"Julia has been instrumental throughout my growth as a CEO. With our coaching partnership, I have developed as a thoughtful leader learning how to empower my team, strengthen my communication skills and work through the darker sides of entrepreneurship. I am so grateful for the many years of work we've done together."



CEO & Founder, Oui The People

"For years, Julia has been a trusted source of strength and energy when I need it most. It doesn't matter what time of day or night, I know she's there to help me think through tricky situations. Her thoughtful, empathetic, approach ensures I am confident in my decisions and able to take my business to the next level with her rooting for me on the sidelines."



CEO & Co-Founder, Proletariat

"In the short time I have been working with Julia, I have already benefited from her years of experience as a technology leader. She helps me see around corners and empowers me to focus on the leader I want to be. Our work together has allowed me to realize both my professional and personal goals."



CXO & Co-Founder, Mixlab

"Julia is my go-to coach when I am facing leadership challenges at my startup. She encourages me to think through possible outcomes and find my own solutions. I love her positivity and the perspective she brings to our conversations. I always finish a session with her feeling energized and prepared to take on the next set of challenges."



Chief Product Officer, Zapata Computing

“Julia has been instrumental in my development as a product leader.  She combines heartfelt support, empathy and openness with seasoned guidance on techniques and best-practices.  Her coaching helps clear the fog that can overtake me as I attempt to navigate the unsettled waters of starting a business.”